Lucy necklace


Lucy necklace


a simple everyday necklace that features:

  • African brass beads

  • hand painted wood beads

  • a unique handmade ceramic bead

  • cotton cord in a beautiful shade of blush 

  • brass clasp and finishing touches


Necklace is approx.  30” long (76.2cm)


NIKISHA - Inspired by and named after one of my favorite wellness guides, Nikisha Riley ( This color combination is simple and sophisticated - a beautiful light dusty peach as well as a lush dark teal.


SPLASH - Inspired by my love of swimming. These colors are reminiscent of days at the pool - gorgeous robin’s egg blue and a soft mint.


MIX + MATCH - Can’t decide what color you like or are the kind of gal that loves a good mystery bag? Let me put together a special surprise just for you!




I create each piece of seek + be jewelry to be a reflection of your own individual uniqueness. While pieces may look the same, they are all very much unique. For example, the wood beads I use are all hand painted in small batches, so the colors may vary slightly. I also make my own ceramic beads by hand to ensure that each one is beautifully different. It’s important to me that your piece of jewelry is just’s YOURS. You are one of a kind and I want your jewelry to reflect that!



Although I get so much joy from hunting for special handcrafted and vintage beads from around the world, I prefer to keep the remainder of my business as local as possible. Each part of seek + be, from the packaging, photography, office needs and even most supplies, are all sourced locally. I try to support female and family owned businesses as much as possible and love knowing that the money I spend is going right back into my community.



All orders come beautifully branded and gift wrapped using locally sourced and recyclable materials as often as possible. In an effort to create less waste, I do not include a paper receipt, although you will receive an email confirmation for your order.



The brass I use in my jewelry has been left natural, meaning I do not use products to seal them. I love working with metal and one of the things that inspires me most about working with it, is that even after I’ve created something from it, it continues to have a life all its own. As a base metal, brass will eventually tarnish - it may lighten in some areas and darken in others. I like to think of it as another way your jewelry truly becomes a unique piece of you. For some people, the acids in your skin may combine with the metal and make copper or silver salts, which are green or gray in color. I promise these are totally harmless and can simply be washed off with a little sudsy water.



I want you to enjoy your seek + be jewelry for as long as possible. Please avoid contact with water and use special care when using products like lotion, makeup and hairspray. I recommend getting ready first and putting on your jewelry last - you’ll still look fabulous and your jewelry will thank you!

Please note that the hand painted wood beads I make all have a double coat of high quality paint and have been sealed with non-toxic sealant to protect from color loss and chipping, however, the beads are not waterproof.

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