Hollie Chastain

I don't remember where I first saw the work of Hollie Chastain but I DO remember how magical it was! One of the joys (for me personally) of being a highly sensitive person, is that some moments feel like utter magic. The sights, smells, and feeling of a moment can be overwhelmingly emotional or inspiring - time stands still for just a moment while the magnitude of the experience settles into your bones. Discovering Hollie's work was one of those moments.

The first time I saw her collages, I gasped out loud and in such a weird way, it felt like coming home. Her work has continued to inspire me each and every time I see it. There is something so special about her work, I find it hard to put into words - it feels both fresh and modern and also like that treasured old letter you have from a loved one.

I couldn't help but be inspired by her work as I began the new collection. Just look how amazing it is:

Hollie Chastain artwork.jpg

What I have hoped to capture within the Hollie color story, is that beautiful marriage her work has of being both beautifully antiqued and modern at the same time. And while I would need no excuse at all to combine pink and mustard (seriously my favorite color combo at the moment!) what I tried to create were shades of dusty pink and mustard that have a worn in feel to them - like that favorite pair of perfectly worn in jeans.

I also love the blues she uses in her work and tried to find shades that would compliment the pink and mustard. I love the final result and can't help but think of Hollie and her incredible work every time I see in piece in the color story she inspired!


hollie collage.jpg